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Grappa 40 HVID, BORRA VIEUX MOULIN, 70cl40%

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En Grappa produceret med kærlighed. Alt laves i hånden, som oprindeligt.

About the origins of the name Vieux Moulin?
It turns out, back in the 20’s when the distillery was founded, all things French were considered vogue, so it was decided Vieux Moulin would lend an air of sophistication to their product.

Grappa varies widely from region to region.
Vieux Moulin uses lots of different grape pressings like Arneis, Barbera, Brachetto, Corterse, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Moscato, Nebbiolo, Pinot and Chardonnay. There are even fruit and herb infused grappas. Sometimes they are blended and sometimes from a single grape variety.

When You are in the Piemonte, You can have the fortune to visit it. You can’t miss if you drive along the road from Asti to Alba because there are several large signs pointing the way.

Distillery Viux Moulin, Elena Borra.
We was established in 1933, it has always been a family owned business.
We have privileged the wines distillation in order to obtain the unique characteristics belonging to our local territories, Monferrato, Lange, Roero, which are considered Piedmont's vineyard areas of excellence.
Our production is based on the classic, genuine methood, supported by years of experience. We use small vapoured alembics which enhance the best qualities of our wines.
We actually use 12 of these alembics. The non continuous distillation technique enables to obtain a superior quality production. The grappa products are immediately ready or matured in Oak Barrels.
All the wines come, as stated above, from the wine areas which surround us.
Visits are welcome. We are glad to explain how the distillery works and to show our full production.

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