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Liqueur de CHATAIGNE. KASTANIE likør, til coctails eller madlavning, 50cl18%

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How to make chestnut liqueur !

500g chestnuts (when peeled)
150g sugar
200ml water
500ml brandy

Peeling chestnuts is one of those things that are good for your karma if you can get through the process without throwing things at the wall. The minimum requirement is a long radio play to keep you sane while you are doing it.
Boil the chestnuts in plenty of water in two equal batches for 20 minutes. Take the first batch off the heat and leave them in the water to keep them hot. Don a rubber glove and remove one chestnut. Make a cut two thirds of the way around the flat face of the skin and peel it away then ease the rest of the nut out of the skin. If the chestnuts are fresh both the outer and the more troublesome inner skin will come away at the same time. Boil and peel the second batch.
Place the nuts in a wide saucepan and cook very gently in 200ml of water for another 10 minutes with the lid on and without stirring. Carefully remove the nuts and stir in the sugar until dissolved. Return the nuts to the pan and cook gently with the lid off for another five. Place the nuts in a Kilner jar, add the liquor via a fine sieve then add the brandy.
Mine has been left for two weeks now and the flavour of the chestnuts is coming through nicely. The liqueur itself is a bit on the murky side but I can live with this, especially as it is used mostly in mixes. The chestnuts themselves taste rather splendid and you can take them out and eat them after a few weeks.
There is one fitting but (very) optional extra which I added to my liqueur - truffle. I recently tried chocolate truffles with real white truffle (not to be confused with ganache-centred chocolates) and a truffle honey concoction and the experience has prompted me to add a couple of slices to my jar.

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