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Ripasso CAMPOTORBIAN 75cl14%

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Azienda agricola Marco Provolo.

A unique production process Ripasso, a second pressing and fermentation, creates a richer, deeper, more complex wine than a simple Valpolicella. Enticing mellow nuances of pepper, spice and dried fruit. At only 32 years old, winemaker Marco Provolo has a masterful understanding and ability to create modern elegant wines while drawing on the best traditions of the past.

Fermentation: Temperature Controlled In Stainless Steel, Utilizing the Ripsso method, The Second Pressing Of The Corvina Grapes
Malolactic Fermentation: Natural In Stainless Steel
Aging: 2.5 Years in Large Oak Barrels
Body: Full
Alcohol: 14%
Total Production: 50,000 Bottles

The Wine
Winemaker: Marco Provolo
Varietal: 70% Corvina, 20% Rondinella & 10% Raboso Veronese
Valpolicella Ripasso is a form of Valpolicella Superiore made with partially dried grape skins that have been left over from fermentation of Amarone or Recioto

In the late 20th century, a new style of wine known as ripasso (meaning "repassed") emerged. With this technique, the pomace of leftover grape skins and seeds from the fermentation of recioto and Amarone are added to the batch of Valpolicella wines for a period of extended maceration. The additional food source for the remaining fermenting yeasthelps boost the alcohol level and body of the wines while also leaching additional tannins, glycerine and some phenolic compounds that contribute to a wine's complexity, flavor andcolor.[9] As the production of Amarone has increased in the 21st century, so too has the prevalence of ripasso style wines appearing in the wine market, with most Amarone producers also producing a ripasso as a type of "second wine". An alternative method is to use partially dried grapes, instead of leftover pomace, which contain less bitter tannins and even more phenolic compounds.

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